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2014 Championship Show


2014 Championship Show Results

Our 2014 Breed Championship Show took place on Sun 18th May at the Lawry & Symington Agriculture Centre, Lanark. The Judges were Mr G. DOWELL and Miss L. MAIR. Thank you to all exhibitors and spectators who attended and supported this event.
Below are full results of this show. If dog's name is clickable, then a critique can be viewed (not just yet but very soon).

Champion Certificates and Reserve Champion Certificates:




Best Veteran Dog in Show - CH. NEWLAITHE ON TARGET JW Sh.CM

Best Headed Exhibit in Show - SUSANCAR ANNA COMPLISS JW
Best Headed Dog in Show - CH. JEDDHI ROMAN HEART
Best Headed Bitch in Show - SUSANCAR ANNA COMPLISS JW

Best Solid Coloured Exhibit in Show - WINSTLOLA ELLA DIAMOND
Best Solid Coloured Dog in Show - MIKE DEL COLLE DELL INFINITO
Best Solid Coloured Bitch in Show - WINSTLOLA ELLA DIAMOND

Minor Puppy Bitch
1) Mackay's Caljan Zoli Diamond
Smart dark brindle bitch super lip placement nice dark eyes good ear placement flowing neck leading to sloping top line round bone tight feet bang on tail set moved with ease.
Minor Puppy Bitch
2) Miller's Walkon First Class
Another smart brindle girl lovely head with typical expression good mouth evident fore chest nicely angulated behind good tail set.
Puppy Bith
1) McArdle's Redmol Ina Pickle at McArmadale
Super red & white puppy clean skull with no exaggeration lip to lip placement good wide mouth inquisitive expression coming from dark eyes broad nose with good size of nostrils clean neck sloping top line elegant but sharp outline moved with purpose RCC BPB and in agreement with my co judge.
Best Puppy in Show, Bitch RCC
Puppy Bith
2) McDonald &Turner's Yeteb Holding Court.
Red and white girl dark expressive eyes good lip placement tight feet short back ribs well arched with good tuck up and tail set.
Junior Bitch
1) Myles' Boxadore Hoedown Throwdown
Dark eyes kindly expression straight bite good lip placement crested neck which is of good length nicely angulated front and back sloping top line moved with drive.
Junior Bitch
2) Palmer's Olleyville Leading Lady Via Palerty.
This girl was younger and more immature than 1 but was very much the showgirl clean skull large nose good bite clean cut neck firm topline moved with ground covering action.
Yearling Bitch
1) Carter's Susancar Honor Wynna.
Lovely headed girl nicely padded muzzle lip to lip placement crested neck sloping firm top line tight cat like feet evident fore chest good tail set well balanced quarters moved well.
Yearling Bitch
2) Vanston's Vandenrob Sizzling 'n' Chic
Very close decision between one and two as both girls have similar attributes lovely head with self assured expression good mouth clean cut crested neck level top line deep chest tight feet moved with purpose.
Novice Bitch
1) Harris's Eldaji Skyes The Limit
Pleasing gent, balanced head with correct rise, dark eye, pleasing mouth, good neck, moderately balanced front + hind angulation, strong topline, broad quarters, moved soundly out and back + steady side gait, excellent bone and pleasing temperament.
Novice Bitch
2) Miller's Walkon Itzy Bitzy
Brindle & white with dark eyes tight straight bite round bone cat like feet well tucked up loin was a bit unsettled on the move.
Graduate Bitch
1) Taylor's Pure Target With Newlaithe JW
Pleasing head with clean skull wide bite arched strong neck sloping topline deep chest firm tuck up moved with purpose.
Graduate Bitch
2) Neilson & Connell's Borestone Sex On Fire
Super inquisitive expression dark eyes good ear set firm sloping top line ribs well arched short back driving hind quarters.
Post Graduate Bitch
1) Watson & Crook's Roylark Miss Chief
Very smart red & white super head inquisitive lively eyes dark mask good lip placement short square body evident fore chest good depth to elbow muscular hind quarters which gave a ground covering action Last 4 for CC.
Post Graduate Bitch
2) Vanston's Vandenrob Striking 'n' Sassy
Good balance of skull with muzzle lively expression coming from dark eyes wide tight bite and evident dentition firm neck sloping top line ribs well arched strong muscular hind quarters which moved with drive.
Mid Limit Bitch
1) Vearncombe & Hale's Ruption Lazy Lover with Knightcott Sh CM
Typical expression padded muzzle dark eyes wide nostrils good substance and depth strong top line correct tail set moved ok.
Mid Limit Bitch
2) Beardsell & Van-Beck's Newlaithe On Design JW
Lighter type than 1 dark eyes clean skull crested neck sloping top line leading to bang on tail set was just a bit erratic on the move.
Limit Bitch
1) Carter's Susancar Anna Compliss JW
Super brindle & white bitch who caught my eye on entering the ring she has the most beautiful head super balance of skull and muzzle skull clean showing no wrinkle lips thick and well padded distinct stop straight tight bite muscular clean cut neck short back sloping top line good angles front and back stride free movement Bitch CC & with Referees decision BIS.
Best in Show, Bitch CC, Best Headed Exhibit in Show, Best Headed Bitch in Show.
Limit Bitch
2) Pynegar & Murray's Berwynfa Eye Candy
Another quality bitch Red & white good balance of skull to muzzle wide tight bite dark mask lively eyes sharp outline tight cat like feet strong hammy quarters in strong muscular condition which gave powerful ground covering movement.
Open Bitch
1) Henderson's CH Taranut Typecast JW
Quality brindle & white bitch super head and expression straight bite padded muzzle good stop strong muscular neck sloping top line excellent tail set strong hindquarters very true and sound on the move Last 4 for CC.
Open Bitch
2) Cook's & Postance's CH Manic Show Off
Another quality bitch super padded muzzle with self assured expression crested neck tight cat like feet good tuck up and tail set firm top line was a bit unsettled on the move which cost her the class.
Veteran Bitch
1) Beardsell & Van-Beck's CH Galicar Designed for Looks by Newlaithe
Super quality red & white and one of the best movers of the day Fabulous expression from dark brown eyes neck of good length square body tight cat like feet bang on tail set in great condition for her age.
Best Veteran in Show.
Veteran Bitch
2) Groves & Hare's Ir.Ch /CIE Jimbren Top Shelf
Quality brindle & white dark expressive eyes padded muzzle firm neck sloping top line moved with ground covering action.
Special Solid Coloured Bitch
1) Lesley & Apsley's Winstlola Ella Diamond
Red & white dark lively eyes black mask tight wide bite padded muzzle good length of neck short back.
Best Special Solid Coloured in Show.
Special Solid Coloured Bitch
Hamilton's Melvich's Harvey
Balanced headed boy with correct mouth, rise OK, could have a bit more muzzle, moderate neck, excellent front angles, body could be shorter, excellent hind angles. Moved OK.
Minor Puppy Dog
1) Huggins' Daervlish Holy Joe
Nine month old b/w dog, good width of muzzle and head proportions along with a super wide mouth. Good height of foreleg, strong pasterns and tight feet. Good height in foreleg, strong second thigh with correct tailset. Lovely crested neck flowing into correct topline. Good bone and very steady on the move for a young puppy. Went well for his handler.
Minor Puppy Dog
2) Miller’s Walkon First Impression
Seven month old b/w puppy with what is developing into a lovely head piece. Melting eyes correct lip placement giving this lovely expression. Good rise of skull with a nice wide mouth. Smart outline, super neck everything flows here. Good front assembly and tailset. Not quite as together as one but still only seven months old, giving quite a lot of age away. Well handled and presented.
Puppy Dog
1) McArdle’s Redmol Read All About It at McArmadle
Very Smart ten month old b/w puppy dog. Lovely expression with a Good mouth, muzzle and rise of skull. Loved his outline and crested neck, good forechest and height of foreleg giving him the correct front assembly. Smart topline, bang on tailset and good angles at the rear. This dog has come on a long way since he first came out and to cap it off moved like a veteran. Well presented.
Best Puppy Dog.
Puppy Dog
2) Mackay’s Berwynfa Reload for Caljan
Another very smart puppy, different in type than one, more compact. Good head, wide muzzle and what a mouth. Compact and stands four square, good pasterns and tight feet. Good neck, well developed spring of rib not often seen in one so young. Strong rear quarters in tip top condition. Well handled, pushed one all the way.
Junior Dog
1) Earl’s Knightcott Easter Parade with Ruption
Fourteen month old r/w, all male. Lovely wide muzzle with a super mouth to boot. This dog is very sound, good height at the front with strong pasterns and tight feet. Correct rib assembly and tailset, well let down hocks. Moved very well and at one with his clever handler at all times. Well presented.
Junior Dog
2) Myles' Boxadore Time of Our Lives.
B/w male with pleasing head, well developed muzzle with a good wide bottom jaw. Best head in this class. Square in body, good spring of rib, tight pasterns and feet with super bone. Tailset correct, a little more erratic on the move than one today.
Yearling Dog
1) Pynegar & Murray’s Berwynfa Veni Vidi Vici.
Fourteen month old b/w dog. Pleasing head with lovely eyes, good mouth and lip placement which gives a wicked expression. Everything flows here, good front assembly, tight feet and pasterns with good height in foreleg along with a good spring of rib. Super crested neck flowing into this fabulous topline. Good second thigh and tailset. Strong bone, moved well and handled to perfection. Have admired this dog for some time from around the ringside and he did not disappoint. Pleased to award him the RCC.
Reserve Dog CC.
Yearling Dog
2) Groves & Hare’s Jimbren Opposition Buzz.
B/w male, pleasing head with well padded muzzle and a super wide mouth. Sound dog all over, good front, shoulders and forechest. Stands four square. Good rear quarters with correct tailset. Handled and well presented.
Novice Dog
1) Clayforth’s Casual Affair with Faerdorn
B/w dog just twelve months old, good head shape with good wide muzzle and lip placement which compliments his tight wide mouth. Tight pasterns and feet, smart outline leading to correct tailset. This dog has attitude and was on his toes showing himself off from start to finish. Well handled.
Novice Dog
2) Earl’s Knightcott Easter Parade with Ruption
Winner of JD.
Graduate Dog
1) Laidlaw & Stockton’s Roamaro Choccywoccydoodah for Kiztok
B/w male with a well balanced head and a nice wide muzzle. Pleasing eye shape giving a lovely expression. Strong and compact body with super front assembly and rib cage. Strong rear quarters, stands on the tightest of feet and pasterns. Good bone and correct tailset. Moved and handled well, presented in tip top condition. Last 5 for CC.
Graduate Dog
2) Beardsell & Van-Beck’s Newlaithe Dooglebug JW
R/w dog all male with a strong muzzle, good lip placement with a super mouth to boot. Very striking in outline, good front with strong rib cage. Good strong quarters and bang on tailset. Lovely crested neck which flows completing the picture. Well presented and handled as you would expect from this consistent kennel.
Post Graduate Dog
1) Huggins' Daervlish All Because of You JW
B/w male, super mouth and nice wide muzzle which complements his good rise of skull. An upstanding male with a very smart outline indeed. Strong correct front assembly with the tightest of pasterns and feet. Super powerful ribcage and good quarters at the rear. A very impressive male which takes your attention at all times. Moved with ease and handled to perfection. Last 5 for CC.
Post Graduate Dog
2) Chell & Cook’s Manic Countdown at Ludic
Another smart b/w male here, good overall head shape, lip placement and rise of skull. Smart in outline with good a reach of neck. Good front flowing into correct tailset. Stands four square. Well handled, at one with handler at all times.
Mid Limit Dog
1) Groves & Hare’s Jimbren Star Addition
B/w male, pleasing head with wide muzzle, good lip placement and a super wide mouth. Lovely eye shape and expression which completes the picture. Square outline, good front, pasterns and tight feet. Super crested neck flowing into this smart outline. Bang on tailset, good front movement covered the ground well.
Mid Limit Dog
2) Vearncombe & Hale’s Macwatt we’ve Got It On at Seefeld.
R/w male, strong square muzzle with super wide tight mouth and lovely dark pigment. Tall but square in profile, all male. Good pasterns and feet with good rear angles. Strong forechest, presented well as you would expect from this kennel. Moved well.
Limit Dog
1) Godwin’s Sultash Frankel
B/w male, loved his head, lovely expression and a pleasing eye. Good rise of skull, wide muzzle and super lip placement with a wide mouth to boot. Super outline with a beautiful crested neck, everything flows here. Tight feet and good pasterns. Very well balanced overall, moved and handled well. Last 5 for CC.
Limit Dog
2) Jones’s Kevanor Federer JW
Another smart b/w male, well padded muzzle with a super wide mouth. Similar size and shape to one, tight feet and pasterns again here. Good forechest and overall smart in outline. Moved well, close decision just preferred the head of one.
Open dog
1) McCarthy & Gething’s CH Jeddhi Roman Heart
B/w male, just loved everything about this dog. Super head, lovely eye shape, wide and well padded muzzle with a good mouth and rise of skull showing the correct amount of wrinkle. Well balanced head my best of the day. Spectacular outline, compact body, everything flows here, just my cup of tea. Super crested neck with strong front assembly. Good shoulders and strong rear quarters. Well off for bone, tailset bang on. Steady on the move and handled to perfection. Have admired this dog for some time, he was a delight to go over and I was pleased to award him the CC.
Dog CC, Best Headed Dog in Show.
Open Dog
2) Carter’s CH Susancar Woody Wynn JW
Another b/w male I have admired for some time, if my memory serves me correct I awarded him the RCC at East of England back in 2010. Lovely eye shape giving a pleasing expression. Square muzzle which compliments this good mouth. Stands four square, good front, forechest and rib cage. Strong but firm outline. Tailset bang on with good second thigh. Very steady on the move and covered the ground well. Handled well to show off his many virtues.
Veteran Dog
1) Beardsell & Van-Beck’s CH Newlaithe On Target
B/w male seven and a half years old. Nice wide mouth with a very smart and wonderful compact body which I have to say he has not lost. Good strong front assembly, super forechest and good angles at the rear. Lovely crested neck flowing into this very smart but firm outline. Moved particularly well and pleased to see he can still strut his stuff.
Best Veteran Dog.
Veteran Dog
2) Neilson & Connell’s Borestone Take Me Out
Another smart dark b/w eight year old dog. Pleasing head with a super wide mouth. Yet again another smart in outline here, everything flowing. Strong rib cage, bang on tailset and good rear quarters, Handled well and best head in this class.
Special Solid Coloured Dog
1) Conway’s Mike Del Colle Del Infinito.
Solid r/w male two year old with good dark pigment. Strong front and rib cage, super bone with ample second thigh. All male but a bit of a handful for his handler on the day.
Best Special Solid Coloured Dog.
Special Solid Coloured Dog

Critique will be here very soon.
CS BIS 2014
Full results in classes:
Judges: Mr G. DOWELL and Miss L. MAIR.

Minor Puppy Dog:
1st - Daervlish Holy Joe
2nd - Walkon First Impresssion
3rd - Nerroli Jackanory

Puppy Dog:
1st - Redmol Read All About It at Mcarmadale
2nd - Berwynfa Reload For Caljan
3rd - Newlaithe Leonardo
Res - Yeteb Itsmischiefnmayhem
V.H.C. - Knightcott Bump 'n' Grind With Ruption

Junior Dog:
1st - Knighcott Easter Parade With Ruption
2nd - Boxadore Time Of Our Lives
3rd - Cherryforge Botticelli
Res - Berwynfa Rocker Fella at Tweedbox
V.H.C. - Winstlola Lennon

Yearling Dog:
1st - Berwynfa Veni Vidi Vici
2nd - Jimbren Opposition Buzz
3rd - Xandene It’s In The Bag
Res - Susancar Ray Zarbett
V.H.C. - Wildax Invincible

Novice Dog:
1st - Casual Affair With Faerdorn
2nd - Knighcott Easter Parade With Ruption
3rd - Marbelton Come Follow Me at Stemone

Graduate Dog:
1st - Roamaro Choccywoccydoodah For Kiztok
2nd - Newlaithe Dooglebug JW
3rd - Olleyville Billy Buck Blue Via Palerty
Res - Ruption Jolly Roger With Boxadore
V.H.C. - Newlaithe Trojan

Post Graduate Dog:
1st - Daervlish All Because of You JW
2nd - Manic Countdown at Ludic
3rd - Berwynfa Fully Loaded
Res - Vandenrob Striking ‘N’ Sparky
V.H.C. - Newlaithe Fast ‘N’ Furious

Mid Limit Dog:
1st - Jimbren Star Addition
2nd - Macwatt We’ve Got It On at Seefeld
3rd - Mike del Colle dell'Infinito

Limit Dog:
1st - Sultash Frankel
2nd - Kevanor Federer JW
3rd - Berwynfa Bomb Proof

Open Dog:
1st - CH. Jeddhi Roman Heart
2nd - CH. Susancar Woody Wynn JW
3rd - CH. Xandene Black Oasis
Res - Roamaro Read All About It With Kiztok
V.H.C. - Xandene Midnight Runner JW

Veteran Dog:
1st - CH. Newlaithe On Target JW Sh.CM
2nd - Borestone Take Me Out

Special Solid Coloured Dog:
1st - Mike del Colle dell'Infinito

Minor Puppy Bitch:
1st - Caljan Zolli Diamond
2nd - Walkon First Class
3rd - Manic Faking It
Res - Limubox Full Force
V.H.C. - Nerroli Fairi Tale Teller

Puppy Bitch:
1st - Redmol Ina Pickle At Mcarmadale
2nd - Yeteb Holding Court

Junior Bitch:
1st - Boxadore Hoedown Throwdown
2nd - Starryeyed KissesOlleyville Leading Lady Via Palerty
3rd - Starry Eyed Kisses
Res - Rum Swizle At Blairwood
V.H.C. - Knightcott Easter Bonnet With Ruption

Yearling Bitch:
1st - Susancar Honor Wynna
2nd - Vandenrob Sizzlin ‘N’ Chic
3rd - Beeann Secret Affair
Res - Zandene Handbags At Dawn
V.H.C. - Kiranjon All That Jazz For Jasrumjarvie

Novice Bitch:
1st - Eldaji Skyes The Limit
2nd - Walkon Itzy Bitzy

Graduate Bitch:
1st - Pure Target With Newlaithe JW
2nd - Borestone Sex On Fire
3rd - Klowsberry California Dreams at Chluarain
Res - Kiranjon Dream On With Jasrumjarvie
V.H.C. - Power of Dreams from Pictland

Post Graduate Bitch:
1st - Roylark Miss Chief
2nd - Vandenrob Striking ‘N’ Sassy
3rd - Taranut Tearjerker
Res - Manic Real Thing
V.H.C. - Berwynfa Fizz Bang Pop

Mid Limit Bitch:
1st - Ruption Lazy Lover With Knightcott SH.CM
2nd - Newlaithe On Design JW

Limit Bitch:
1st - Susancar Anna Compliss JW
2nd - Berwynfa Eye Candy
3rd - Undercover at Walkon
Res - Daervlish Miss Sarajevo
V.H.C. - Walkon First Lady

Open Bitch:
1st - CH. Taranut Typecast JW
2nd - CH. Manic Show Off
3rd - CH. Sezflo Pure Faith By Newlaithe
Res - Rathbride Final Fantasy

Veteran Bitch:
1st - CH. Galicar Designed For Looks By Newlaithe
2nd - Ir.CH./Cie Jimbren Top Shelf (Anch)
3rd - Craigpark One Great Thing

Special Solid Coloured Bitch:
1st - Winstlola Ella Diamond