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Open Show Results 23/02/14

Our Feb Breed Open Show took place on Sun 23rd Feb at the Eddlewood Hall, Hamilton. The Judge was Mr John Ritchie (Hollibell/Dykebar). Prior to the Open Show we held a Special Puppy Event judged by Mr Gary Pearce (Longsdale). Thank you to all exhibitors and spectators who attended and supported this event.
Below are full results of this show. If dog's name is clickable, then a critique can be viewed.

Special Puppy Event Judge : Mr Gary Pearce (Longsdale)
Best Special Puppy Event - WALKON ITZY BITZY
Best Special Puppy Dog - Yeteb Itsmischiefnmayhem

Open Show Judge : Mr John Ritchie (Hollibell/Dykebar)

Best Puppy in Show - YETEB HOLDING COURT
Best Veteran in Show - WILFLO BOYCE BOY
Best Opposite Sex Veteran - BO PEEPS FAST ASLEEP
Best Solid Colour - Klowsberry California Dreams at Chluarain

Full results in classes:
Special Puppy Event : Judge: Mr Gary Pearce (Longsdale)

Class A:
Puppy Dog (6 - 8 Months)
1st - Yeteb Itsmischiefnmayhem

Class B:
Puppy Dog (8 - 10 Months)
1st - Jimbren Dance In The Dark At Galicar
2nd - Jimbren Ain't An Addition
3rd - Winstlola Lennon

Class C:
Puppy Dog (10 - 12 Months)
1st - Sauchies Knight

Best Special Puppy Dog: Yeteb Itsmischiefnmayhem

Class D:
Puppy Bitch (6 - 8 Months)
1st - Yeteb Holding Court
2nd - Pictland Yankee Lunar Lass
3rd - Laciana de Villa de Sahagun

Class E:
Puppy Bitch (8 - 10 Months)
1st - Winstlola Ella Diamond

Class F:
Puppy Bitch (10 - 12 Months)
1st - Walkon Itzy Bitzy

Best Special Bitch: Walkon Itzy Bitzy
Best Special Puppy: Walkon Itzy Bitzy

Special Puppy Dog (6 – 8 Months)
1) McDonald's & Turner's Yeteb Itsmischiefnmayhem
Red & white with nice head eye and mouth. Lovely arched neck leading into well laid shoulders. Level topline with good tailset moved with drive.
A very promising Young Puppy.
Best special puppy dog.
Special Puppy Bitch ( 10 – 12 Months).
Miller's Walkon Itzy Bitzy
Stunning dark brindle & White with the best of heads & an expression that melts your heart. Strong arched neck into well laid shoulders with a lovely topline & tailset. Stood on well boned and muscled legs that drove her around the ring with correct reach and drive I love her.
Best Special Puppy in Show.
Special Puppy Dog ( 8 – 10 Months)
1) Cairn's & Patterson's Jimbren Dance in the dark at galicar
Tall, elegant, brindle & white, who shouts male, good head with the best of mouths. Lovely arched neck with good shoulders & topline. Nice Cat like feet with strong bone. Just felt he needs to strengthen all round on the move.
Special Puppy Dog ( 8 – 10 Months)
2) Graydon & Fuell's Jimbren ain't an addition.
Smaller, brindle and white puppy with a nice head & good body proportions for size, moved well once settled.
Special Puppy Dog (10 – 12 Months)
1) Rhode's Sauchies Knight
Large, brindle and white with an ok head and good mouth, nice, arched neck with a nice body, moved ok once settled.
Special Puppy Bitch ( 6 – 8 Months)
1) Mcdonald's & Turner's Yeteb Holding Court.
Red & White bitch with a pretty head & a good mouth, strong level topline & Tailset, moved around the ring with drive.
Special Puppy Bitch ( 6 – 8 Months)
2) Black's Pictland Yankee Lunar Lass.
Pretty bitch with a nice head, eye and mouth a nicely put together, youngster who moves with drive and purpose.
Special Puppy Bitch (8 – 10 Months)
Leslie's & Apsley's Winstlola Ella Diamonds
Plain, Red, bitch with a pretty head, good size and substance, moved well.
Veteran Dog
Anderson's Wilflo Boyce Boy
Pleasing gent, balanced head with correct rise, dark eye, pleasing mouth, good neck, moderately balanced front + hind angulation, strong topline, broad quarters, moved soundly out and back + steady side gait, excellent bone and pleasing temperament.
Minor Puppy Dog
Cairn&Patterson's Jimbren Dance in the Dark at Galicar
Top size dark brindle boy, balanced head, good rise, large dark eye, correct mouth, good lip placement, moderate neck, good front angles, lovely bone and good feet, solid topline. Could be shorter in loin. Good hind angles. Moved soundly out and back + steady side gait. Still only young and needs to firm up. Could be a bit more outgoing to advantage but sensible sort.
Minor Puppy Dog
McDonald&Turner's Yeteb Itsmischiefnmayhem
Mahogany red boy, balanced head with pleasing rise, dark expressive eye, good ears, correct mouth. Needs to fill out a bit in muzzle. Excellent neck, good front angles, short back, solid topline, hind angles ok, moved soundly out + back, retaining correct topline. Very much a baby, but enjoying his day.
Puppy Dog
Allen & Wallace's Surfstone No Sense
Dark brindle boy, lacks overall masculinity at this early age for me. Head okay, okay rise of skull, needs to be stronger in muzzle, moderate neck, front angles OK. Could be shorter in body, topline OK. Correct hind angulation. Moved well enough.
Puppy Dog
Rhode's Sauchies Knight
Good size and substance, head flat and need more rise at skull, mouth okay. Dark eye, moderate neck, pleasing front angulation, could be shorter in back, correct hind angles. Movement uncoordinated, topline needs to settle.
Junior Dog
Walker's Berwynfa Rosker Fella at Tweedbox
Dark brindle masculine boy, balanced head but need more rise of skull, lip placement could be better. Dark eye, moderate neck. Pleasing balanced front & hind angulation, short back, correct topline, neat short hocks. Moved soundly enough out & back.
Junior Dog
Duffy's I'm The New Boy
Smaller, deer red boy with masculine outlook. Correct head, balanced, good rise, dark expressive eye, correct mouth. Neat ears, moderate neck, good front angles, solid short back with correct topline, would like a bit more hind angles. Broad loin, moved soundly out & back and good driving side gait. Good condition and temperament.
Novice Dog
Hamilton's Melvich's Rudolph von Trelgandorf
Top size, masculine, balanced head with excellent rise, good mouth, dark eye a bit loose, pleasing neck, balanced angles. Moved OK.
Novice Dog
Skinner, Laidlow & Stockton's Wildax Invincible
Smaller boy, balanced head needing more rise, eye dark but small, needs more muzzle, would like a bit more angulation all over.
Graduate dog
Thomson's Latchkey Propaganda
Top size brindle boy with excellent substance and good overall appearance & style. Balanced skull to muzzle with correct rise, large dark eyes, bit too much cheek, lip placement could be better, mouth good. Moderate neck, front angles OK, short back with good topline, bit overdone in hind angles, moved OK, showed and handled well.
Graduate dog
Black's Stemones Trump Card On Pictland
Smaller red boy lacking condition and body weight. Balanced head, need more rise, mouth OK, needs more fill under eye, neck OK, front angles OK, topline OK, needs more hind angles, steady mover.
Limit Dog
Dunlevie's Surfstone Storm Trooper
Balanced dark brindle boy with really not much to dislike. Boxy head of good balance, correct rise, good mouth, dark eye, good ears, moderate neck, good front & hind angles, cobby mature body with good underline, good feet, solid correct topline. Moves soundly out & back and steady side gait. Would like him a bit more masculine all over and wish he would put a bit more effort into showing. Very correct though.
Limit Dog
Pynegar & Murray's Berwynfa Bomberproof
Another nice boy, head balance OK, rise OK, eye dark but a bit loose, correct mouth, muzzle could do with a bit more padding, correct neck, excellent front angles, body strong and solid, could be a bit shorter. Good hind angulation with lovely short hocks. Moved soundly out & back and correct driving side gait.
Open Dog
Thomson's Latchkey Celebrity Icon JW
Top size dark brindle boy, who is all male, correct substance, very balanced head with good rise, bit overdone in flews, good mouth, dark expressive eye, excellent neck, mature, solid body, good underline, moderate front angulation, good legs and feet, excellent ribs, short solid loin, bit overdone in hind angles, neat short hocks. He really powered around the ring with super boxer attitude, sound out & back, a handful boy but his handler got the best from him. All male who could certainly do the job he was bred for. Fantastic temperament.
Open Dog
Smith's Lorrosa Box Of Tricks
Fine boy all over, pleasing head, good rise, correct mouth, dark eye, good lip placement and chin. Moderate neck, needs a bit more front angulation, needs a bit more body and spring of rib, tad long in loin. Moderate hind angles. Moved soundly.
Special Solid Colour Dog
Hamilton's Melvich's Harvey
Balanced headed boy with correct mouth, rise OK, could have a bit more muzzle, moderate neck, excellent front angles, body could be shorter, excellent hind angles. Moved OK.
Special Solid Colour Dog
Conway's Mike del Colle dell'Inifinito
Red boy with good bone, not quite the head qualities I like, dark eye, moderate neck, moderate front & back angles. Moved OK.
Veteran Bitch
Cassie's Bo Peeps Fast Asleep
10 years old who I love judge before and who is still in fabulous condition, super head, lovely eye, well made and still moving very soundly. A real credit.
Veteran Bitch
Todd's Craigpark One Great Thing
Youngster at 8, not quite the head qualities of 1. Good neck, dark eye, moderate angles, solid body, moving soundly.
Minor Puppy Bitch
McDonald & Turner's Yeteb Holding Court
Lovely deer red baby, femine & presenting a real picture at the stack, super balanced head, good rise, dark eye, good mouth, body, neck, correct front & hind angulation, very well balanced, super legs & feet, sound out & back & correct side gait. Her super soundness and lovely temperament took her to best puppy in show - promises well for the future.
Minor Puppy Bitch
Kennedy's Laciana De Villa de Sahagun (imp SP)
Dark brindle bitch with well made body & correct overall shape, balanced head, good, dark eye & rise of skull, mouth OK. Moved soundly out & back & steady side gait. Good temperament - just needs a bit more ring practice but it will come.
Puppy bitch
Miller's Walkon Itzy Bitzy
Tall, elegant bitch of super type, excellent skull to muzzle ratio, good rise. Dark tight eye, correct mouth & lip placement. Moderate neck. Good shoulder angle, slightly steep upper arm, lovely topline, good hind angulation, neat short hocks. Everything in the right place but just need to mature in front & steady in movement.
Puppy bitch
Leslie & Apsley's Winstlola Ella Diamond
Red bitch with good qualities, pleasing head, dark eye could be tighter. Moderate neck, front & hind angles OK. Moved soundly enough. Good temperament.
Junior Bitch
Jozwik's Chluarain Glen Scotia
Dark brindle with superb head, balanced, correct nose placement, good lips, correct mouth, dark eyes could be tighter, lovely crested neck, moderate front angles, solid, correct topline, enough hind angles. Moved soundly out & back but a tad restricted side on. Excellent temperament.
Junior Bitch
Gibson's Starryeyed Kisses
Classic bitch of good style, balanced head, rise of skull OK, moderate neck, correct front angles, solid body, good hind angulation. Moved OK but uncoordinated at times, eye could be tighter.
Novice bitch
Henderson's Klowsberry Candy Candy at Taranut
Super dark brindle bitch who shows plenty of promise. Head qualities excellent, balanced, good mouth, excellent rise, dark tight eye, correct neck, super front angles & good forechest, solid body with correct topline, broad quarters, hind angles OK. Moved well and sound. Promising lady.
Novice bitch
Thomson's Latchkey Paparazzi
Top size elegant bitch so well put together but just not the head I was looking for. Super body, good angles, moved & showed well.
Graduate bitch
Henderson's Taranut Tearjerker
Classis brindle of excellent make & shape, good head qualities, balanced, rise of skull OK, good neck, moderate balanced front & hind angulation, moved well & soundly out & back and correct side gait, super temperament, another promising bitch from this kennel.
Graduate bitch
Burt & Flynn's Delta Blues At Blairwood
Good size bitch, taller on the leg but still correct, good balanced body, correct head, well padded and dark eye. Good neck, moderate front & hind angles, moved soundly, good temperament
Limit bitch
Miller's Walkon First Lady
Fabulous, elegant & typical youngster by the famous "First Issue" - she is absolute quality, tall & elegant, balanced body, such lovely balanced & correct angulation, feminine head, well padded correct skull to muzzle ratio, good lip placement, correct mouth, dark eye, correct rise, crested neck, good front angles, solid body with good underline, sound out & back & excellent driving side gait. She was a true pic of a boxer and showed to perfection. Continued maturity well surely make her into one for the upper house. BIS.
Limit bitch
Pynegar & Murray's Berwynfa Eye Candy
Smaller red bitch but still balanced & with many good qualities, her overall make & shape are excellent, her head is balanced, good mouth and lips, well padded muzzle, dark eye, would like more rise of skull, crested neck, correct front & hind angles, solid body, moved well out & back & with lovely driving side gait. Super temperament.
Open bitch
Thomson's Latchkey Celebrity Rumour JW
Tall, upstanding bitch who has always been a favourite of mine, she has matured well & was in fabulous condition. Classic head, balanced good rise, good mouth, dark expressive eye, super neck, correct front angles, solid body with correct topline, hind angles tad overdone, but she uses them well. Moved soundly out & back & with terrific drive on the side gait, a real showgirl who I am sure will reach the upper house. Res Best In Show.
Open bitch
Leaslie & Apsley's Clackmannanshire Diamond
Red bitch not quite the qualities of 1. Head OK, moderate neck, good body, balanced angles, moved OK.
Special Solid Coloured bitch
Jozwik's Klowsberry California Dreams at Chluarain (IMP)
Special Solid Coloured bitch
McLaren's Braxburn Tell Tale
Smaller bitch of excellent type & good bone, lovely balanced head, good dark eye & correct rise, moderate heck, good front angles, solid body, hind angles OK, sound out & back, steady side gait.
Open Show:
Judge: Mr John Ritchie (Hollibell/Dykebar)

Veretan Dog:
1st - Wilflo Boyce Boy

Minor Puppy Dog:
1st - Jimbren Dance In The Dark at Galicar
2nd - Yeteb Itsmischiefnmayhem
3rd - Jimbren Ain't An Addittion

Puppy Dog:
1st - Surfstone No Sense
2nd - Sauchies Knight
3rd - Winstlola Lennon

Junior Dog:
1st - Berwynfa Rocker Fella at Tweedbox
2nd - I'm The New Boy
3rd - Marbelton Come Follow Me at Stemone

Novice Dog:
1st - Melvich's Rudolph von Trelgandorf
2nd - Wildax Invincible

Graduate Dog:
1st - Latchkey Propaganda
2nd - Stemones Trump Card On Pictland
3rd - Mike del Colle dell'Infinito

Limit Dog:
1st - Surfstone Storm Trooper
2nd - Berwynfa Bomberproof
3rd - Wilflo Valley Stumper

Open Dog:
1st - Latchkey Celebrity Icon JW
2nd - Lorrosa Box Of Tricks

Special Solid Coloured Dog:
1st- Melvich's Harvey
2nd - Mike del Colle dell'Infinito

Best Dog: Latchkey Celebrity Icon JW
Reserve Best Dog: Surfstone Storm Trooper
Best Puppy Dog: Jimbren Dance In The Dark at Galicar
Veteran Bitch:
1st - Bo Peeps Fast Asleep
2nd - Craigpark One Great Thing

Minor Puppy Bitch:
1st - Yeteb Holding Court
2nd - Laciana de Villa de Sahagun
3rd - Pictland Yankee Lunar Lass

Puppy Bitch:
1st - Walkon Itzy Bitzy
2nd - Winstlola Ella Diamond

Junior Bitch:
1st - Chluarain Glen Scotia
2nd - Starryeyed Kisses
3rd - Rum Swizle at Blairwood
Res - Braxburn Tell Tale

Novice Bitch:
1st - Klowsberry Candy Candy at Taranut
2nd - Latchkey Paparazzi
3rd - Craigpark The Only Rose
Res - Kenbru French Folly at Craigpark

Graduate Bitch:
1st - Taranut Tearjerker
2nd - Delta Blues at Blairwood
3rd - Klowsberry California Dreams at Chluarain
Res - Puttin On The Glitz For Pictland

Limit Bitch:
1st - Walkon First Lady
2nd - Berwynfa Eye Candy
3rd - Surfstone Midnight Storm
Res - Wilflo Miss Elusive at Rudino SH. CM.

Open Bitch:
1st - Latchkey Celebrity Rumour JW
2nd - Clackmannanshire Diamond

Special Solid Coloured Bitch:
1st - Klowsberry California Dreams at Chluarain
2nd - Braxburn Tell Tale
3rd - Pictland Valhalla Gold

Best Bitch: Walkon First Lady
Reserve Best Bitch: Latchkey Celebrity Rumor JW
Best Puppy Bitch: Yeteb Holding Court