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Important Message From The Boxer Breed Council Health Committee

Juvenile Kidney Disease has been reported as a possible health problem in Boxers.  So far, the reported cases are consistent with an occurrence of less than 0.1% within the UK Boxer population however we cannot be complacent and this number may simply mean that not all cases are being reported.  Boxer Breed Council is therefore encouraging the whole Boxer community to get involved in identifying and reporting cases to allow us to research the condition thoroughly.

The symptoms seen are increased thirst and therefore an increase in urination.  Loss of appetite, weight loss, stunted growth, lethargy and vomiting are also seen in most cases.  When the kidneys are examined by ultrasound they are smaller than normal and often uneven in shape.  Symptoms usually start between four months and two years.

If you know of a possible case please e/mail and you will be sent all the details of what you need to do by return.  Reasonable expenses which are incurred in providing samples will be covered by Boxer Breed Council.  All reported cases will remain confidential to the Boxer Breed Council Health Committee and its scientific advisers. 

Further details, including Questions and Answers, are available on the health pages of the Breed Council website